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<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" >

  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title> html 1</title>


  <title> </title>

  <h1 style = text-align:center; color: blue> Christopher C. Dou</h1>
  <h4 style = text-align:center> 381 Mason Avenue </h4>
  <h4 style = text-align:center> Staten Island, NY, 10305 </h4>

<h4 style = text-align:center><a href="" target=_blank></a></h4> 

    <li><a href="" target=_blank "> <strong>School</strong>:Mark Twain I.S.239 </a>
  <strong>Address:</strong>2401 Neptune Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11224 <strong>Ph:</strong>718-266-0814 </a></li>

      <li><a href=" " target=_blank"> <strong>School:</strong>P.S.50 The Frank Hankinson School</a> <strong>Address:</strong>200 Adelaide Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10306
<strong>Ph:</strong> (718) 987-0396  
      <li><a href=" " target=_blank"> <strong>School:</strong>The Wonder Years Preschool</a> <strong>Address:</strong>381 Seaver Avenue, Staten Island, NY 10305
<strong>Ph:</strong> (718) 987-0396  


  <h2>Work/Volunteer Experience</h2>
        <h3>Talent Testing for Mark Twain Math Talent: 2401 Neptune Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11224; Ph: 718-266-0814 Supervisor: Ms. Ditolla/ Mr.Rubin  </h3>
        <p>I did the talent testing volunteer work on February 6<sup>th</sup> 2016.</p> <p>I had a great time. I handed out papers, checked for cheaters, answered questions, and took people to the bathroom .</p><p> Also, we got free pizza, snacks, and soda. Most importantly, I made a new friend and got class credits for Computer/Math Talent !</p>
        <h3>Spring cleanup event: 265 Princeton Ave, Brick, NJ 08724; Ph: 893-342-2234 Supervisor: Mr.Green</h3>
  <p> I wanted the earth to be cleaner so I went there to help.</p>
       <p>We do this cleanup in the Spring and in the Fall </p>   
          <p> We cleaned up the whole park by the end of the day! </p>
          <p> </p>
  <h3>Fall cleanup event: 265 Princeton Ave, Brick, NJ 08724 Ph: 893-342-2234 Supervisor: Mr.Green</h3>
  <p>There were a lot of leaves to rake up !</p>
 <p> At the end of the day, we got free hot chocalate!</p>
 <p>This time, some of my friends came with me!</p>

  <h2>Activities and Leadership</h2>
        <p>I do karate. I am a brown belt.</p> <p>Also, I do after-school programs at Mark Twain.</p> <p> On Tuesdays, I have reading with Ms. Ruppert. </p><p>On Wednesday, I have Mouse Squad with Mr.Rizzi and Ms. Suetera </p>
        <p>I was on P.S. 50's school basketball team in 5<sup>th </sup>grade!</p>
  <p>I play basketball, soccer, and football with my neighbors st the park across the street!</p>
  <p>I can make a 3-pointer with a football from half-court !</p>

  <h3>Honors and Awards:</h3>
  <p> -I was "student of the month " in 3<sup>rd</sup> grade. This means that I was the best student in the class that month. </p>
  <p> -I got a 4.50 on my 4<sup>th</sup> grade state test. I got all of the questions correct !!!</p>
        <p> - In the Sep  2015 Hackathon, my team got 2<sup>nd</sup>place!


    <li>I can solve a Rubiks Cube!!!
      <li>I can do some coding!!!
        <li>I can swim !!!

        <li>rubiks cubes


    <script  src="js/index.js"></script>



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