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<div class="center"> <img src="//" alt=" Schonbek Lighting"></a></div>
Schonbek Lighting represents the highest quality of crystal lighting available in the industry, whether it's traditional crystal chandeliers or their Geometrix line of contemporary crystal chandeliers and pendants.

  <h2>Schonbek Lighting Company History:</h2>In a classic story of the world’s finest crystal, a young man named Adolf Schonbek walked away from the family glass works to start his own business. The year was 1870. Soon Adolf was manufacturing complete glass chandeliers.It was the height of the last great era of romance and candlelight.People of means throughout Europe lived opulently in homes richly furnished and lighted by ornate crystal chandeliers. Not surprisingly, Adolf’s business flourished.In London the Queen’s agent ordered Schonbek crystal for Buckingham Palace. In America, Schonbek crystal found its way into the White House.The Hapsburg emperor, Francis Joseph I, awarded the patent of nobility to a Schonbek ancestor, but the Schonbeks were destined to become citizens of a world beyond emperors.Adolf Schonbek began a dynasty of light that extends to the present day. With each succeeding generation we Schonbeks have made the study of the crystal chandelier in all its forms our life’s work.World Wars and trade wars came and went, and Arnold Schonbek, Adolf’s grandson, lost his factories first to the Nazis, then to the Communists. After escaping from a tumultuous Europe, Arnold re-established his company in Montreal and eventually moved the headquarters to the United States.The craft of chandelier design remains a living art at Schonbek today. We draw on our rich heritage to revitalize the great styles of the past, and we are constantly reinventing crystal, as well, to be perfectly at home in contemporary rooms.As a result, Schonbek designs are probably the most-imitated chandeliers in the world.

  <strong><h2>Schonbek's Mission Statement:</h2></strong>To develop the strengths and creativity of each one of us and to grow together as a productive community leading the worldwide industry in meeting our customer’s requirements for innovative lighting and interior design solutions.
<strong><h2>Schonbek Lighting wins Arts Awards:</h2></strong>Arts Award Entrants were judged on company history and philosophy, among other factors. 
The Schonbek company, which has been making crystal chandeliers since 1870 in Bohemia, was able to demonstrate a unique history of innovative design spanning centuries.<br><br>The judges gave heavy weight to company differentiation – or how a company sets itself apart from the competition. 
According to one retailer, "Schonbek has changed the crystal landscape in our industry." Another called Schonbek "the crystal chandelier company all the others are measured by." <br>

<br>In recent years, Schonbek announced a "trend to tiny" with a new collection of tiny crystal chandeliers, revived rock crystal chandeliers, reinvented colored crystal chandeliers and revolutionized the high-tech lighting market with a new collection called Geometrix™.<br>

<br>Schonbek is absolutely the design leader," an industry observer said.
 "While most manufacturers are recycling the same styles, Schonbek is 
  always charting a new course." <br>

<br>Schonbek's product submission to the Arts Award was Genesis, a colored crystal chandelier inspired by the Tree of Life.<br>

 addition, Schonbek submitted photos of variety of other crystal 
chandelier designs to the judges. All are pictured on this page. <br>

 a blessing to be involved with a company that's creative," said 
President &amp; CEO Andrew Schonbek, "and to be recognized for 
creativity is a wonderful thing. I'm very thankful for this recognition,
 and encouraged by it." <br>

<br>The Arts Award Hall of Fame has eight members, and Schonbek is the first manufacturer of lighting fixtures to be included.

  <strong><h2>Schonbek's Lighting Components:</h2>
 </strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Canopy<br></strong>The
 metal plate or dish at the ceiling that covers outlet box and wiring. 
Schonbek makes designer canopies for a number of crystal chandeliers. 
    These are ornamented and trimmed to complement the chandelier.<strong><br>
</strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Crown<br></strong>The top section of a crystal chandelier.<strong><br></strong></div></ul><strong>

</strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Body<br></strong>The
 central portion of a crystal chandelier. Its function is to support and
 hide mechanical and electrical elements. Artistically, it’s an 
opportunity to display fine cut crystal columns or elaborate metalwork.<strong><br></strong></div></ul><strong>

</strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Arm<br></strong>The
 portion that extends from the body of the crystal chandelier outwards, 
supporting crystal and hiding wires. Fashion and imagination greatly 
influence its shape and composition.<strong><br></strong></div></ul><strong>

</strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Crystal Trim<br></strong>Chandeliers are said to be “trimmed” or “ornamented” with crystal. All About Crystal.<strong><br></strong></div></ul><strong>

</strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Gallery<br></strong>A border or frame element encircling a crystal chandelier.<strong><br></strong></div></ul><strong>

</strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Bobeche<br></strong>The
 saucer at the base of a candle originally designed to catch the molten 
drippings of a wax candle.<br>A distinctive decorative element on crystal 
  chandeliers and crystal wall sconces.<strong><br></strong></div></ul><strong>

</strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Basket<br></strong>In crystal chandeliers influenced by Empire styling, the crystals are arranged in a basket-shaped configuration.<strong><br></strong></div></ul><strong>

</strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Casting<br></strong>An ornate element, arm or scroll created by pouring molten metal into a prepared mold.<strong></strong></div></ul><strong><br></strong><ul><strong></strong><div class="cat_box"><strong><br>Finial<br></strong>The
ornament at the bottom of a crystal chandelier. It’s usually crystal, 
but may be a decorative element of some other composition. The finial of
a crystal table lamp, conversely, is at the top of the lamp.
  <div class="cat_container"></div></div></ul>
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