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<span class="c-green">&lt;!DOCTYPE html&gt;</span><br>
<span class="c-pink">&lt;html</span>
<span class="c-green">class</span>=
<span class="c-yellow">"en"</span>
<span class="c-pink">&gt;</span><br>
<span class="c-pink">&lt;head&gt</span><br>
<span class="c-pink">&lt;title&gt</span>Title<span class="c-pink">&lt;/title&gt;</span><br>
<span class="c-pink">&lt;/head&gt;</span><br>
<span class="c-pink">&lt;body&gt;</span><br>
<span class="c-pink">&lt;p&gt;</span>Unrendred html<span class="c-pink">&lt;/p&gt;</span><br>
<span class="c-pink">&lt;/body&gt;</span><br>
<span class="c-pink">&lt;/html&gt;</span><br>
<span class="c-pink">&lt;/div&gt;</span>

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    body {
  background: #212121;
  color: #fff;
.c-pink {
  color: #f50057;
.c-green {
  color: #64dd17;
.c-yellow {
  color: #ffee58;

/*Downloaded from */