CSS filter test

In this example below you will see how to do a CSS filter test with some HTML / CSS and Javascript

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  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
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  <img src="http://lorempixel.com/400/200/animals/1">
  <img src="http://lorempixel.com/400/200/animals/2">
  <img src="http://lorempixel.com/400/200/animals/3">
  <img src="http://lorempixel.com/400/200/animals/4">
  <div id="test"></div>

/*Downloaded from https://www.codeseek.co/Napzu/css-filter-test-yXXjVL */
  transition 500ms
    // filter blur(5px) grayscale(100%)
    filter blur(20px) contrast(200%)    

/*Downloaded from https://www.codeseek.co/Napzu/css-filter-test-yXXjVL */