Fumito Ueda Tribute Page (not finished)

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  <title>Fumito Ueda Tribute Page (not finished)</title>
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  <!-- Cosas pendientes: Color de fondo, insertar imágenes (con texto al poner el ratón por encima), fuente para p, mejorar la presentación de la lista, en plan como lo que hizo Zortex, subrayar determinadas palabras, ponerlas en negrita y en otro color, poner una imagen detras del texto, subir otra con marco rectangular, y las otras 3 en pequeño y con el marco redondo... CADA ELEMENTO DE LI TIENE QUE IR DENTRO DE UNA CAJITA (DE UN COLOR GRIS O ASÍ, DA IGUAL MIENTRAS QUEDE BIEN VISUALMENTE), QUE SERÁ DONDE PONGA LOS MÁRGENES NEGROS  -->
<link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Kaushan+Script" rel="stylesheet">
<h1 class="black-text"> "Videogames are art..."<br> The job of Fumito Ueda</h1>
<center><img src="http://www.anaitgames.com/images/uploads/2013/02/fumito-ueda-dibujo-ico-sotc-last-guardian.jpg"></center></head>         
<hr> </hr>
<div class="container">
<center><u><h2>Who is Fumito Ueda?</h2></u></center>
<li class="box grey-box">Fumito Ueda (上田 文人 Ueda Fumito), born September 16, 1970) is an actual Japanese video game designer who showed an interest in animation and movement from a young age and was also a keen art student who hoped to make a living one day as a classical artist. Ueda graduated form the Osaka University of Arts in 1993 and in 1995 decided to pursue a career in the games industry.</li>
<li class="box grey-box">Ueda got his start at the late Kenji Eno's WARP studio working as an animator on Enemy Zero for the Sega Saturn. After finishing work on Enemy Zero, Ueda joined Sony Computer Entertainment's Japan Studio and began work on what would eventually become ICO. After the completion of ICO, Ueda and his small team, better known as Team ICO started working on a follow up originally titled NICO that would later morph in Shadow of the Colossus.</li>
<li class="box grey-box">During the years following 2011 Ueda worked on the much anticipated The Last Guardian. Development for the game however, which was anticipated as a release for the PS3, was subject to numerous delays. As progress stalled on The Last Guardian, Ueda joined up with Bossa Studios which is known for social gaming. The Last Guardian was released at the end of 2016 as a PS4 exclusive title.</li>
<li class="box grey-box">Not only spearheading all of Team ICO's projects as the director, Ueda has also contributed to his games in the capacity of animator, character designer and gameplay designer.</li>
<li class="box grey-box">All of the games on which he has directed have a very distinctive style, which Ueda himself describes as "design by subtraction". Sparse landscapes, over-saturated lighting and minimalist story lines give his games a very unique feel.</li>
<li class="box grey-box">His thoughts regarding plot in video games are that ideas for a gameplay mechanics should be made first, then complimented by a game's story</li>
   <center><u><h3> The legacy of Team ICO</h3></u></center>
  <div class="col-xs">
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/*Downloaded from https://www.codeseek.co/Secaj/fumito-ueda-tribute-page-not-finished-ZLJzzW */
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  font-family: Kaushan Script  
  font-family: Kaushan Script   
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.box {
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.grey-box {
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