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<p>Oh the taste of summer peaches.</p>

<h3> Eating Peaches</h3>
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<p> Here are some of my favorite things to do with peaches. </p>

    <th> Dessert</th>
    <th> Salsa</th>
    <th> Drink</th>    
    <td> Peach Cobbler </td>
    <td> Peach Salsa </td>
    <td> Peach Smoothie 
      <li>   Yogurt</li>
      <li>   Orange Juice</li>
      <li>   Banana</li>
      <li>   Peach </li>
    <td> <img src=""  width="150"/></td>
    <td> <img src=""  width="150"/></td>
    <td>  <img src="" width="150" /></td>
<h3> Interesting facts about peaches.</h3>

  <li> Books on Peaches</li>
    <li>  <em> James and the Giant Peach</em> by Ronald Dahl</li>
    <li>  <em>Each Peach, Pear, Plum</em> by Janet and Allen Ahlberg</li>
  <li>Here are the <b>top producers</b> of peaches</li>
    <li class="Countries"> China</li>
    <li class="Countries"> Italy</li>
    <li class="Countries"> Spain</li>
    <li class="Countries"> US</li>
      <li> California, Georgia, South Carolina</li>
  <li> Links on Peach information. </li>
    <li> <a href=""> Wikipedia</a> page on peaches</li>
    <li> <a href="">  Food Encyclopedia </a>page on Peaches</li>
  <li> Peaches are a source of vitamin A and B.  </li>


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