Sankey diagram

In this example below you will see how to do a Sankey diagram with some HTML / CSS and Javascript

This awesome code was written by David O'Brien, you can see more from this user in the personal repository.
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  • HTML
  • JavaScript
<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en" >

  <meta charset="UTF-8">
  <title>Sankey diagram</title>
  <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>



  <div id="sankey_basic" style="width: 900px; height: 300px;"></div>

    <script  src="js/index.js"></script>



/*Downloaded from */
google.charts.load('current', {
  'packages': ['sankey']

function drawChart() {
  var data = new google.visualization.DataTable();
  data.addColumn('string', 'From');
  data.addColumn('string', 'To');
  data.addColumn('number', 'Weight');
    //[ 'California', 'Exited site', 417 ],
    ['California', 'Why Scotland', 7],
    ['California', 'Investment services', 5],
    ['California', 'Contact us', 3],
    ['California', 'Invest', 2],
    ['California', 'Home', 2],
    ['California', 'Connect to tech skills', 5],
    ['California', 'San Jose office details', 2],
    ['California', 'Outplay', 1],
    ['California', 'Cloudwick', 1],
    ['California', 'About us', 1],
    ['California', 'Trade', 1],
    ['Why Scotland', 'Life', 3],
    ['Why Scotland', 'Back', 1],
    ['Why Scotland', 'Exited site', 1],
    ['Why Scotland', 'About us', 1],
    ['Why Scotland', 'Contact us', 1],
    ['Investment services', 'Contact us', 1],
    ['Investment services', 'Setting up in Scotland', 1],
    ['Investment services', 'Back', 1],
    ['Investment services', 'Exited site', 2],
    ['Contact us', 'Exited site', 2],
    ['Contact us', 'Contact us success', 1],
    ['Invest', 'Exited site', 2],
    ['Home', 'Exited site', 2],
    ['Home', 'Back', 1],
    ['Connect to tech skills', 'Contact us', 1],
    ['Connect to tech skills', 'Exited site', 4],
    ['San Jose office details', 'Exited site', 2],
    ['Outplay', 'Exited site', 1],
    ['Cloudwick', 'Back', 1],
    ['About us', 'Invest', 1],
    ['Trade', 'Invest', 1],

  // Sets chart options.
  var colors = ['#BF3A27', '#3A817E', '#4A5658', '#610E6C',
    '#C75210', '#09759D', '#00427F', '#C75210',
    '#00427f', '#00cc00', '#2980b9', '#03634d',
    '#d65811', '#2f3e44', '#ecf0f1', '#f4f5f6'

  var options = {
    width: 900,
    height: 600,
    sankey: {
      node: {
        colors: colors
      link: {
        colorMode: 'target',
        colors: colors
      animation: {
        startup: true,
        duration: 2000,
        easing: 'linear'

  // Instantiates and draws our chart, passing in some options.
  var chart = new google.visualization.Sankey(document.getElementById('sankey_basic'));
  chart.draw(data, options);