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    <h3>Jon Olsson</h3> <p>born in Mora (17 August 1983), Sweden is a professional freeskier and alpine ski racer. Olsson started his career as a ski racer but at age 16 he switched his race skis for twin tips and quit ski racing.<br> Eight years later, after a 50 000 SEK (5826.22 USD) bet with fellow skier Jens Byggmark, Olsson started ski racing again with the goal of the bets being to make it to the Olympics in 2014. He now competes in both freestyle and ski racing. Olsson is known for his invention of several new double flips, including a D-spin 720 into a flatspin 540 (DJ flip), a switch double rodeo 1080 (hexo flip), a double flatspin 900 (kangaroo flip), and a switch cork 720 to flatspin 540 (the tornado).<br>

Olsson holds nine Winter X-Games medals (+ 2 podiums in big air). He has also won many other events including big air at Winter X-Games 08, The US Free Skiing Open in Vail, The Red Bull Big Air in Åre, Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships in Riksgränsen and the World Superpipe Championships in Whistler BC. Since Olsson's return to alpine ski racing in 2008 he has won five FIS gs ski racers, with a 10 point fis result at Coronet Peak at the New Zealand National Championships which included a field of Olympians including Ben Griffin and Olivier Jenot.<br>

Since 2005 Olsson has hosted the big air event Jon Olsson Invitational, also known as JOI. In 2007 the event was voted best big air event by freeskier magazine. From 2007 to 2010 he also hosted Jon Olsson Super Sessions (JOSS), a freeskiing film contest that takes place in Åre, Sweden. The event consisted of teams of skiers skiing for approximately two weeks with a film crew and creating a short ski film. Olsson made his debut in the Alpine Skiing World Cup in Val-d'Isère in December 2010, as part of a plan to make the Swedish alpine ski team at the 2014 Winter Olympics. If you want to read more of Jons adventures klick <a href=” title=”Jons blog”>”> Here </a></p>
    <h2>Here some results from the latest years</h2>
  <li>2011 1st Clash of the Nations, big air,</li>
<li>2010 5th King of Style, big air, Stockholm,</li>
<li>2010 8th Budapest Fridge Festival, Budapest, Hun</li>
<li>2010 2nd Relentless Freeze Festival, London</li>
<li>2010 10th, big air, Zurich, SUI</li>
<li>2009 5th JOSS Team Sweden</li>
<li>2009 2nd X-Games, big air, Aspen, USA</li>
<li>2008 3rd X-Games, slopestyle, Aspen, USA</li>
<li>2008 1st X-Games, big air, Aspen, USA</li>
<li>2007 1st Icer Air, big air, San Francisco, USA</li>
<li>2007 1st Ski and Snowboard Festival, big air, Whistler, Canada</li>
<li>2007 1st US Freeskiing Open, slopestyle, Copper Mountain, USA</li>
<li>2006 1st Jon Olsson Invitational, big air, Åre, Sweden</li>
<li>2006 1st Ski and Snowboard Festival, big air, Whistler, Canada</li>
<li>2005 1st World Superpipe Champion, Park City, USA</li>
<li>2005 4th Jon Olsson Invitational, big air, Åre, Sweden</li>
<li>2005 3rd X-Games, superpipe, Aspen, USA</li>
<li>2005 3rd X-Games, slopestyle, Aspen, USA</li>
<li>2005 3rd US Freeskiing Open, slopestyle, Vail, USA</li>
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